Established almost thirty years ago, Bimini Bay Outfitters, Ltd. has firmly rooted itself as an International brand of outdoor products with specialization in fishing tackle and outdoor apparel products. Family owned for over 78 years, the parent company has been in business since 1860! Performance and value are the bywords that set the foundation for each of our products throughout all of this time.

Our team is comprised of a collection of innovative minds with a millennium of combined years of experience in the fishing tackle and apparel industries.  All spend plenty of their time designing, testing, producing, and of course fishing all the unique products we sell. Our mission is to evolve with the times, introducing the most ground-breaking, fish-catching technology to anglers at outstanding values in all price points.

Our collective brands are staples in the fishing community. Tsunami Fishing Tackle is our flagship brand, popular among inshore and off shore boat fishermen and shore anglers alike. Tsunami brand reels, rods, lures and tackle have changed the fishing landscape and we strive to innovate year after year. Buccaneer Tackle is popular along the Southern coast with lures, jigs and rigs for all styles of fishing.


Bimini Bay Outfitters, Ltd. is one of the originators of outdoor apparel, having manufactured our own brand while developing and producing many of the products sold by several of the biggest sporting retailers throughout the US.  Our apparel has you covered at the canyons, on the beach, fishing the flats, or cruising the intercoastals with plenty of functional and convenience features. Stains are no match for our unique BloodGuard® enhanced apparel powered by Nanotex®.

From chasing tarpon to bluefish, snappers to stripers, we build the best rod, reel, lure, rigs, terminal, accessories and apparel to hoist your next trophy over the rail or onto the sand.  Look further into our performance products throughout our Bimini Bay Outfitters, Ltd. site.