After the catch, the work begins. To realy enjoy the catch you have to prepare the "meat" for the kitchen. Tsunami Knife Kits include a wide selection of Razor Sharp Stainless Steel knives for everything from heavy-duty steaking to precise fillet work. Handle grips are Soft-Touch vinyl for extra comfort and sure control. Selected kits include tough polymer fillet/cutting boards. each kit provides either a sharpening steel or dual grit sharpening stone to keep blades sharp. TSFK-6 and the TSFKO-6 kits are supplied in a high impact fitted case for safe, secure transport and storge.


Put one of Tsunami multiple-use Multi-tool or a Folding Utility Tool on your belt or in your pocketor your tackle box and you are ready to rig or repair most any tackle item you need. Multi Tools are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel to withstand the most hostile enviroment. Each model boasts a selection of the most valuable tools need for fishing or general utility use.
Tsunami Ultra-Strong Aluminum Pliers are built to be a fisherman's best friend.
Aircraft grade ultra-light aluminum which has been heavily anodized for greater
corrosion resistance makes this tool the perfect combo of light weight and
durability. Replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters mean these pliers are a
"must have" for any situation. The handy coiled tether and clasp mean they
will always be handy when the going gets tough, which is more then you can say
about some of your fishing buddies.

6.5" plier
Replaceable Titanium Coated Tungsten-Carbide center cutters
Spring loaded belt loop clasp
Aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction
Ergonomic grip handle
Durable woven nylon belt holster

Tsunami Angler's Pocket Utility Tool is a true life saver. This carefully selected collection of tools means you'll have a tackle box worth of utility right in your front pocket.

Ergonomic Curved Handle Design
Key Chain/Lanyard Split Ring           Nail Cleaner
Hook Sharpening File            Awl
Phillips Head Screwdriver           Loop Tool
Bottle Opener           Can Opener
Scissors           Hook Remover
Scaler           Ultra-Sharp Dual serrated saw
Extra Sharp Knife           Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction
Tsunami Sportsman's Utility Tool is a pocket sized life saver. In addition to the normal functions of a good pocket Multi-Tool, we've added the utility of a extendable compass ideal for map reading or just figuring out where you are.

Ergonomic Curved Handle Design
Key Chain/Lanyard Split Ring           Flat Head Screwdriver & Nail Cleaner
Extra Sharp Knife           File/Sharpener
Bottle Opener           Cork Screw
Phillips Head Screwdriver           Awl/Scraper
Extending Compass, Ideal for map reading & Orientation           Bending Ports
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction
Tsunami Sportsman's Deluxe Fisherman's Tool is a angler's best friend. The 13 plus tools in this handy gem will prove to be lifesavers in any situation, Whether rigging, preparing your catch, performing emergency repairs to your boat, or just opening a cold one, there is a tool in this precision machined stailless steel collection that will do the trick. In addition to the normal functions of a good pocket Multi-Tool, we've added the utility of a extendable compass ideal for map reading or just figuring out where you are.

Ergonomic Spring Loaded Handle Design
Needle Nose Pliers           Regular Pliers
Line & Wire Cutters           Scraper & Large Flat Head Screwdriver
Phillips Head Screwdriver           Nail Cleaner
Hook Sharpening File           Can Opener
Serrated Knife           Extra Sharp Knife
Flat Head Screwdriver           Bottle Opener
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Construction           Small Flat Head Screwdriver Approx. 4.25" when open
TSDMT-15 Same as above only approx 6.5" when open.
Tsunami "C" Tool
The Tsunami C Tool is designed to make rigging tackle for inshore or offshore applications quick, easy and sure. It will cut wire or mono up to the serious tests and can handle multiple crimp sizes. Long vinyl padded handles provide excellent leverage to apply the right amount of force on the largest or finest crimps.
TSFBN Tsunami Floating Bait Net
TS-SDH Sabiki Dehooker
TSPT Tsunami Premium Sports Towel

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