Intergrated solid tip construction
Precision blend of graphite and fiberglass
Up to 30% lighter then standard solid tip rods
Tough epoxy coated double thread wraps
Stainless steel frame aluminum oxide guides
Graphite & stainless steel seats
With its integrated solid tip construction, the Saphire XT rod is a precision blend of graphite for sensitivity and fiberglass for toughness. These rods are up to 30% lighter than ordinary solid tip rods for less angler fatigue even in all day use. Saphire XT actions are designed for the best in fish fighting power and versatility for use with a wide variety of techniques.

Constructed with durability and toughness in mind, the Saphire XT rods boast graphite and stainless steel reel seats, wear proof stainless steel frame Aluminum Oxide ring guides, epoxy coated double thread wraps and textured shrink vinyl grips. All combined into an x-tra tough, versatile and light solid tip rod.

SASSXT 802MH 8'0" Med/Hvy 10-25 3/4-3
SASSXT 902MH 9'0" Med/Hvy 12-25 1-4
SASSXT 1002MH 10'0" Med/Hvy 15-30 3-6
SASSXT 1102H 11'0" Hvy 17-40 2-8
Boat Cast
SABCXT 601MH 6'0" Med/Hvy 20-40 1-5
SABCXT 661MH 6'6" Med/Hvy 20-40 1-5
SABCXT 701MH 7'0" Med/Hvy 20-40 3/4-4
Boat Spin
SABSXT 601MH 6'0" Med/Hvy 20-40 1-5
SABSXT 661MH 6'6" Med/Hvy 20-40 1-5
SABSXT 701MH 7'0" Med/Hvy 20-40 3/4-4

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