The most important mission for the personnel at Bimini Bay Outfitters Performance Products, it is to make sport fishing more enjoyable and productive for those anglers who use our merchandise.

The entire selection of Bimini Bay fishing tackle is based on filling the needs of anglers with rods, reels, lures, rigs and accessories that are high value-for-dollar and high performance products.

* Reels are built to exacting standards to deliver smooth operation and durability cast after cast after cast. Precision machining of gears and spools, materials selected for durability and corrosion resistance and the functional features that make sport angling easier and more fun are blended into each family of spinning or conventional reels.
* Rod actions are painstakingly refined to provide the versatility, power and strength to control long runs and hard fighting trophies. Only the finest lightweight fiberglass or high modulus graphite are used to build our rods. Many models boast guides from AFTCO and Fuji and Fuji reel seats.
* The entire lure selection is the result of lengthy testing processes to perfect strike triggering action with a color pattern selection that is right for almost any game fish you seek. Hours and hours of testing at both the production factory test tank and pre-market testing in the waters of the United States and Australia result in lures that track straight, swim right, trigger strikes and catch lots of fish.
* Bait rigs and sabiki rigs are tied using high quality monofilament or fluorocarbon lines and premium hooks from premium manufacturers such as Suffix and Mustad This assures that a strike almost guarantees a catch.
* Accessory items, from tools to knife kits to fighting belts, are designed to make your fishing experience easier and more successful.
* All Bimini Bay Outfitters Performance Products rod and reel combinations are pre-selected for a perfect component balance. The right reel is matched to each rod for more versatility and fishing enjoyment.

Professional Captains are a Testimonial to Bimini Bays Outfitters Commitment to Quality

Veteran Captain Scott Moore has been fishing the waters of Tampa Bay, Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande for 25 yrs. Capt. Scott can be found out on his boat Primadonna II fishing for Snook, Redfish, Trout and the almighty silver king Tarpon.
Fishing with Bimini Bay Outfitter's rods, lures, shirts and shorts, Captain Scott says "I have found all Bimini Bay gear of the highest quality." He goes on to say "I have found all Bimini Bay Tackle and Clothing to be the finest a professional can use. Sun is very hard on clothes and fishing gear, Bimini Bay tackle and outdoor wear suits my everyday needs.
Capt. Scott can be reached at (941) 713-1921 or email him at CAPTSCOTTKM@aol.com
Captain Justin Moore can be found fishing the west coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to Charlotte Harbor. Fishing for Tarpon, Snook, Grouper, Kingfish, Trout, Redfish and Cobia on his boat REEL FISHING with many sports notables as Tampa Bay Buc's coach John Gruden, Tino Martinez and Lou Pinella, Tony Dungy, Carlos Tuska, jimmy Jiles and others.
Capt Justin says "Bimini Bay Clothing and tackle protects me from the South Florida sun and produces fish day after day"
Looking to fish? Contact Capt Justin at (941) 720-6408 or by email at captainjm23@aol.com
Capt. Bill Miller can be found fishing inshore and the near offshore areas of W. Florida from Boca Grande to Crystal River for Tarpon, Snook, Kingfish, Grouper, Redfish and Trout.
Capt. Bill fishs Tsunami Rods and Tsunami Soft Plastic Lures for for both performance and cosmetics. The rods are made with the finest components, and the action is comparable to any on the market for the price. The shirts and shorts are durable, cool, easy to clean and comfortable. Not only that, they look good!
If your on the west coast of Florida and looking to fish, you can contact Capt. Bill at (813) 251-4866 or by email at bill_miller51@hotmail.com
Visit Capt. Bill at www.billmiller.com

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