Tsunamiā„¢ Cork Lures are twitchin' baits that can trigger explosive strikes. All the cork lures are slow sinkers/suspending underwater twitch baits. Let them sink for a few seconds after each cast and just twitch the rod tip. The baits will dart to either side of the retrieve in an injured-prey-fish fashion. A slow twitch works best, but the twitch-stop-twitch retrieve can bring outstanding results. Customize the action you want from each cork lure by doing any of the following tricks: Slightly bend the through-wire behind the cork core for more side-to-side action; bend the tail up or down to make the bait climb or dive with each twitch; add a nail or wire weight to the nose to make it dive even deeper. MustadĀ® Ultra Point Hooks on all lures.


TSCKB-35 3.5" 7/8 oz. 1 All colors available are shown

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