Buccaneer Rigs from Bimini Bay Outfitters fill the bill for all salt water in-shore and off-shore needs. From target specific species like trout, snook and redfish to snapper and grouper on the reef, to the subtleties of chasing pompano along the beach, there’s a Buccaneer Rig to do the job. Premium quality, extra sharp, corrosion resistant hooks are standard on each model. They’re strong and sized to match the weight and size of each rig.

There are many styles to choose from for everything from redfish and snook, from cobia to grouper and trout to pompano and shark. Each Buccaneer Rig is assured to be both high quality and high performance.

Pompano are relentless fighters. They run fast and don't give up easily. BUCCANEER Pompano Rigs will give you a much needed edge in the battle. The best baits to use are sand crabs, fiddler crabs, shrimp and cut squid, casting while drifting or anchored are both effective methods.

Snook are clever opponents who are not above using dirty tricks.
These fish run wild and will often try to foul your line on any nearby objects.
Be prepared with BUCCANEER Snook Rigs. Mullet and pinfish are the
perferred baits of choice and can be drifted or trolled, anchored up is
another effective method.
Yelowtail Snappers are extremely tough customers. Add the fact that they live high in the water column and you've got a long, powerful fight on your hands. BUCCANEER Yellowtail Rigs provide the edge you need to meet the challenge. Cut baits, cut squid and shrimp are the best baits while anchored up or drifting are the best methods.
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